Florida Goth

For the darker side of the Sunshine state

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This site is all about the Florida Goth scene. This includes the music, the photos, the clubs, the literature, everything and anything related to the topic of Florida Goth.

This site will feature updates on shows, cd releases, special club events, and more.

What is asked of the memebers is to please post any events you discover that you deem should be announced to the group.

You are invited to post pics relating to fashion, shows, and club events.

If you have any questions, or comments for the moderator, feel free to email me at the above address, or contact me on AIM or Yahoo IM.

The only other thing I ask of memebers, is to please be civil in your posts and your replies. Other than that, have fun, and I hope this community proves to be useful to you.

*All multiple images must be behind an Lj-cut*
*no nudity or extreme sexual connontation-as this is all ages*